Services Delivered

BHA Consulting has brought together a team of specialist advisers and project managers to complete a range of major assignments since its inception.  Major assignments completed include:


·      Development of a business case for a national biometrics identity exchange system

·      Development of a business case for a major IT-driven business change program in a government agency

·      Provision of strategic procurement advisory services to a regionally-based statutory authority in the water sector

·      Program management of the establishment of a primary health care organisation including setting up the board and initial completion of strategic and business planning

·      Development of a national survey and online repository of policy and service practice information for road traffic authorities

·      Project management of a range of initiatives including business case development, business change and major procurements


Key members of the BHA Consulting team have also:

·      Designed and delivered training programs and workshops covering leadership, workplace behaviour, business planning and change.

·      Provided strategic advice in relation to major change initiatives and information technology strategy

·      Prepared key documents in support of procurement, investment decisions and change management


Team members have formerly held senior management (including CIO) positions in the government Sector (Premier and Cabinet, Treasury, Transport, Primary Industries, Taxation) and corporate sector (Private health, Telecommunications, Insurance and Banking).